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shisui_san's Journal

.::Enigma::. [Uchiha Shisui community]
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{{ Welcome }}

Welcome to "ENIGMA" the first community for Shisui-related information, discussions and fanwork.

After thinking about this for awhile (blame a certain fanfic author for it XD) I decided to create this community dedicated to the (still) enigma of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Shisui. We don't know much about him yet but many Naruto fans already have their own interpretations and thoughts of Uchiha Itachi's best friend.

Feel free to join and have fun~ ^_^

{{ Rules }}

» All fanwork behind a LJ-cut please.

» NC-17/R fics allowed. Please include warning/pairing in your fanfic descriptions

» Absolutely NO flames! Constructive criticism is always welcome though!

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